●Providing Customers with best quality and services
●Manufacturing high precision gears to benefit industries
●Endeavoring in energy conservation and carbon emission reduction to fulfill social obligation.
  ●Developing to be front leader in gear industry
●Continuing the growth and fortification for sustainable operation
●Expanding the service field of gear customization
  『Customer first』 『Continuous Improvement』
『Integrated Service』 『Innovated Efficiency』

For each piece of products we made, we insist on and we carry through:

●Research and Develop in professional manner and dedication
●Manufacture honestly and seriously
●Inspect in strict and diligently

We believe our insistence and mission will always fulfill expectation of customer and we will endeavor in research and development as well as production of high precision gear for the industry to continue the appraisal and identification of our customers.
n our operation, we will take needs of customer as top priority and continue to promote the competing capacity of each other. It is the long term partnership with our customers we valued.